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UWL Eagles Give is a crowdfunding platform open to registered student groups, department events, department-sponsored interest groups, student organizations, Rec or Club Sports teams, Faculty, Staff, or UWL Athletic Teams.

If this sounds like you and you're interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign, you're in the right place!

Please complete the following application, which is required for all first-time Eagles Give project. Projects related to raising funds for salaries and/or stipends are not permitted on the crowdfunding site.

Please plan on submitting your application at least 30 to 45 days before your desired fundraising start date. Launch dates may be authorized outside of this suggested timeline at the discretion of the UWL Eagles Give team. 


General Information

As you begin your crowdfunding journey, the Foundation is excited that you have chosen to work with our crowdfunding platform. As you move through this application, it is designed to get you thinking in the mind of a fundraiser! Crowdfunding is time-consuming and rigorous work, but allows you to reach many networks that have a vested interest in your goal. The application is thorough to prepare you for the hard work and dedication needed to run a successful campaign and to avoid any surprises! Good luck, be creative and enjoy beginning the process of reaching your goals!


Project Background

It is important to be able to concisely and effectively explain your project to the Foundation team and others. What do you want to raise money for? Why is this important to your organization? Why should others donate to this initiative? What sets your campaign apart from other applications?


Campaign Goals

A typical crowdfunding campaign can raise $5,000 or less, however, it is important to set a realistic goal for your campaign to be successful. As your campaign progresses, you are able to restructure the goals you have for the campaign. Start with a lower goal to see how your donors respond - you can always stretch it later on! Attached is a link to a sample crowdfunding budget as an example. 



Crowdfunding is limited to specific times throughout the year. Note: your actual launch day may be 1-2 weeks prior called a "soft launch." UWL Advancement will work with you to determine if a soft launch is recommended. Groups that are able to achieve 30% of their fundraising goal within the first 48 hours of a campaign launching are more likely to achieve their total goal. Please outline bi-weekly timeframes of 15-30 minutes to meet with the Foundation representative to talk about how the campaign is going and any questions that have come up. If you are a student organization, please explain to your faculty/staff advisor that they will be required to attend these meetings as well. 


Team Members

The success of you project is determined by the involvement and participation of your team. The questions below will be critical to ensuring that goals are met. Previous campaigns have shown that have three key team members works best. 

  1. Team Lead - Project manager and liaison with UWL Advancement (submits application, oversees/manages team members, creates/manages communication plan).
  2. Social Media Editor - Creates & edits all social media content and generates messaging for the campaign.
  3. Reporter/Site Editor - Runs all reports for the campaign, edits the campaign page as needed, makes sure thank-you's go out in a timely fashion.

It is also important to have other teams members and supporters involved in your crowdfunding campaign. Team members are members of your group/department/organization who can assist with developing and sharing content throughout the campaign. Supporters are people that you know who will donate to your project. These are the individuals you may have in your "inner circle," who will donate during your projects soft launch. 


Communications Plan

Behind every great crowdfunding campaign should be a great communications plan! It is important to grab the attention of prospective donors, so it is more important than ever to craft a communications strategy to fit your mission, fundraising goals, and audience. Whether you are raising money for scholarships, new equipment or events, you have a story to tell. Attached is a link to a sample communications plan timeline as an example. 


Note: Completing this application does not guarantee that your project with be hosted on Eagles Give.

Note: Most questions allow up to a 255 character response. 

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project


In 15 words or less, what is your project trying to accomplish?

Thoroughly explain the project purpose & how it will positively impact the UWL community.

Dolloars or # of donors. We recommend goals of $500 to $5,000 and will advice on realistic goals.

This would be the total amount needed to fund the project LESS all expenses.

Projects should be achievable within 30, 45, or 60 days.

When do you need money in-hand? When will you be actively fundraising?

Ex: $75 for materials (cards/mailing), $1,000 to fund scholarship, $1,500 to grow the fund.

Giving levels are suggested

Successful campaigns typically have 3-5 team members based on the team members listed on the left.

Family, friends, alums, current students?

These items will be important when building your campaign site and in social media promotion

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