Men's Cross Country

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Men's Cross Country

Who We Are -

Every time our team toes the line for competition, we continue to work at being #1 in the North regional rankings. We are poised to continue our presence in the upper echelon of the national meet. The team has stayed a part of the All-American team for over a decade. We pride ourselves on giving back to the community by fixing trails, helping with road races, and dressing up for Halloween events for the children in the La Crosse area. Every day we strived to live by the motto, building champions in sport, school, and life. 

Your Impact - 

Over the last two years, your support has allowed us to purchase new Normatec boots to aid in recovery. The athletes LOVE them and it helps keep us at the top of our game. We are able to continue to stay ranked in the top 10 in the nation AND that is more than the coaches, more than the family & friends, it is the thousands of cross country & track alumni cheering us onto success! 

What You're Supporting - 

This year, we are preparing for the 2023 national championship. Fortunately, it is held in the Midwest region with Dickinson College in Pennsylvania hosting. Our goal is get the team to see the course for an early season meet. With your help, you can help us offset the cost of tickets for our runners. With this opportunity, our team will be even better in the 2023 season and your help gets us prepared as we continue to make our run at a national championship! 

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